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We aim to raise public awareness among the residents of Woodstock and beyond on the issues of climate change, energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, bio-diversity, sustainable economics and respect for the planet. 
We are working in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council, West Oxfordshire District Council, local schools and churches, Blenheim Palace and the Farmers Market and the Woodstock trade association, Wake Up to Woodstock


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Schools Strike for Action on Climate Change.  Colin Carritt, SusWoo Vice-chair, on why the striking schoolkids are heros

Sustainable Woodstock News
 February 2019
Hi All, 

It's good to see Woodstock businesses trying to help out with plastics by offering water refills and it's up to us, as individuals to see what we can do to make the difference. The picture below shows Cornwall Wildlife Trusts clean up on just one beach and we find similar amounts around our streets. Let's lobby our MPs for change at the highest level and in business. A few diary dates included below for events you might like to join in or tell others about.
Enjoy the snowdrops.    

Hilary Brown  Chair of Sustainable Woodstock.


Sustainable Woodstock has now registered Woodstock town with the Plastic Free Communities network. Whether you live inland, on shore, urban or rural, high-rise or high-tide, communities are uniting in the fight against single-use plastics. It’s not about removing all plastic from our lives. It’s about kicking our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic and changing the system that produces it. 

There's still more to do in Woodstock for us to achieve the status of single-use plastic free town and many still seem to be hooked on the single-use plastic bag. Let's get serious Woodstock and let's get busy avoiding single-use wherever we can.

It’s virtually impossible to get the existing 269,000 tonnes of plastic out of the ocean, but together we can stop putting more in.  

By creating a global network of Plastic Free Communities, people are coming together in a collective effort to reduce the flow of unnecessary single-use plastics into the marine environment. Click 
HERE for 5 ways to break up with plastic. 

Fairtrade Coffee Morning

Diary Date:   2nd March Mayor's Parlour, Woodstock 
9:30 - noon. 
Raising money for a good cause and a local charity.  Lots of goodies not just tea and coffee. 
Come before or after the Farmer's Market 

"Buy a Long Life Fairtrade Bag"

Sustainable Woodstock bags available from Mary & Martin's newsagent, our Post Office, Hampers and mnay other outlets.
If you'd like some for your business email us at 
Sustainable Woodstock.

The Great Woodstock
Litter Pick

Diary Date
 Saturday 9th March 10 am-12 noon
Join others in making a difference. We can supply pickers, yellow vests and gloves or bring your own. Meet up at Brook Hill Lay-by for instructions of where to go or contact Hilary. All children must be accompanied.             Email



Oxfordshire Museum, King's Arms & The Woodstock Bookshop

for Offering Water Refills.

Helping us kick the plastic

Join the Refill Revolution!

Refill is an award-winning campaign to prevent plastic pollution at source by making it easier to reuse and refill your bottle instead of buying a new one.

If you are a Woodstock business and wish to offer refills go online . If you're feeling inspired, download the Refill app and make refilling the new normal!

Producing bottled water creates 500 times more CO2 than tap water. That’s why Refill Oxford has created a network of Refill stations where you can fill up your water bottle for free to reduce plastic pollution. Look out for a business with Refill stickers. There are now over 14 thousand Refill stations all over the UK and if Woodstock restaurants, schools, cafes or pubs would like to sign up to be a Refill station and help reduce plastic pollution just email and they'll do the rest.

Refill Oxford is part of City to Sea’s national campaign to promote the use of free tap water to reduce plastic waste. In Oxford, there is a network of nearly 150 Refill stations in places such as cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, bus stations, hospitals, community centres and hairdressers all over the city. So now you can refill your water bottles whenever you need to, rather than buying a new plastic bottle. 

Save money, stay hydrated and prevent plastic pollution at source by using the free Refill App on the go, OR look for the Refill droplet in shop windows. This will dramatically reduce the use of the billions of single-use plastic water bottles bought in the UK every year. 

Let's Brighten the Place Up
 Diary Date  Saturday 16th March

Thanks to the many in Woodstock who, last summer, gathered wildflower seeds for the Community Woodland and Orchard and Wildlife Haven.

We'd like to invite you to scatter the seed in the Woodland and Orchard ...  and why not  join us later in the summer to see how successful we are. Try and name all the plants that have successfully grown next summer.  

Hopefully, we will help to increase biodiversity but why should we care? 

We are surrounded by greenery here in Woodstock but most of the agriculture is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides throughout the growing season which destroys much of our local eco-systems. It's become clear that we depend on biodiversity to survive. Life as we know it is only made possible due to the complex interactions between the different lifeforms that live on earth. We rely on certain plants and animals for the food we eat, while trees and other plants produce the oxygen we need to breathe and remove harmful pollutants from the air. Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play.

Home Delivery?

People frequently ask about doorstep deliveries of milk and other goodies.  You could try Milk and More who support local British farmers and producers. Perhaps you've been thinking  about vegetable boxes or meat delivery and this link may give you some ideas. 

Be Prepared & Quit Idling

This winter remember to take a coat, hat and gloves the next time you know you will be sitting in a car for a while so that you can turn off the engine. The smoke and fumes you can see are bad enough but it's the gases you can't see that are doing even more damage to you and the environment. 
Around our schools, our streets, our shops and just about everywhere..... please cut your engine. 
Remember.....Drivers who don't cut their engines are actually breaking the law and risk being fined.

Invest in Green Energy?

If you're looking for investments
you may be interested in the Community Energy Fund. 

Low Carbon Hub wants to strengthen and grow community owned energy in Oxfordshire. Energy that's good for people, and good for the planet. Join almost a thousand like-minded investors and put your money to work tackling climate change.
- Earn up to 5% interest on your investment* - capped at 4% for the first four years of investment
- Help fund more solar panels on schools and organisations across                     Oxfordshire
- Keep money in the local economy through community ownership
- Tackle the global issue of climate change on a local level
- 100% of our surpluses support further local action on climate change
                                                 WATCH THE VIDEO 


Sponsor a Tree in our Community Orchard? 
Over 50% now sponsored. You can sponsor a tree as a group, with friends, colleagues. You will receive a certificate and can dedicate if you wish. 
How to Pay?
Costs £30 (single payment)
1) BACS payment.  
2) Cheque   
For details contact as below. 
Questions ? Call 01993 811975 or email for the Bluebells

 Woodstock in Bloom and Sustainable Woodstock thank all volunteers for their time....and their effort. A total of 4000 Bluebells have now been planted in the Community Woodland!

Zero Waste Shopping  - Market Garden is Open!

Eynsham's Zero Waste shop is now open (see Eynsham's site by  CLICKING HERE).
Look them up, next time you're passing.. Perhaps somebody is willing to consider opening a shop here in Woodstock? 

Opening Times    Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm;     Friday 9am to 6.30pm    Saturday 9am to 6pm
Contact /Address   01865 604571    41 Mill St,     Eynsham, OX29 4JX

Sustainability is often defined as meeting the needs of present generations without risking the ability of futures generations to meet their own needs and should lead to a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. 
  Local actions are now influencing changes nationally and internationally and by working with our community, our projects and campaigns have a greater likelihood of success. We are interested in raising awareness on issues such as climate change